Why so much emphasis on asking client about their general health before I treat them?

Some of the clients may have known medical conditions that place them at a greater risk of complications should they choose to have PMU treatment performed

  • congenital, heart defects;
  • some individuals are known to be sensitive (allergic) to certain products, inc some disinfectants,latex gloves, as well as trace metals that may present in coloured pigments;
  • anyone with a bleeding or clotting disorder such as haemophilia or who is taking medication may heal poorly after even the slightest breakage;
  • Skin conditions: only apple if it’s occurs on the treated area (i.e. eczema & psoriasis: this may make a person more prone to skin infections/irritation);
  • Circulatory disorders (i.e. heart disorders, high low/blood pressure: can cause light headedness and may be linked to other heart circulation disorders);
  • Pregnancy
  • Other medical conditions: Epilepsy – medication may cause side effects and poor control of the condition may result in fitting during treatment;
  • Autoimmune disease: or other conditions or treatment causing immune-deficiency (e.g. cancer treatments) more prone to serious infection);
  • Allergic responses: especially nickel allergy may result in serious skin reaction from small amounts of metals sometimes present in applied products;
  • General treatment cannot be undertaken if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.