Beauty treatments & Pricing

Facial treatments

The skin is an organ, it does serves a lot of functions which we don’t even notice on a daily basis. It is very important to feed the skin from outside and inside too. Experience a special and results driven facial with me, I guarantee that you will feel the difference. I use natural and organic products with electric machines, the aim of these cosmetic appliances to help the ingredients to travel to the deeper layers of your skin. All facials include face, neck-decollete and scalp massage for the best relaxation plus the facial massage is highly effective and important to tone your facial muscles thus leaving your skin younger looking. Upon your visit I will consult with you about your skin and routine to find the best way to improve your skin.

Deep Cleansing Facial – 60 mins – £37

Skin analysing, cleansing, exfoliating, hydro dermabrasion, toner, steaming on face, cleansing the pores, purifying masque, deep hydrating facial massage, moisturizer, eye cream, SPF

Deep and throughout pre-cleanse to prepare the skin for extraction of blackheads, spots. Perfect for oily and clogged skin types or for anyone who would like to fresh skin and get rid off dead cells and blocked pores effectively. Purifying and nourishing for hydrated and fresh face results.

Microdermabrasion – 45 mins – £40 – Course of 6 – £220

Skin analysing, cleansing, microdermabrasion, tone, skin type matching serum to nourish back skin, masque for your skin type, drainage massage, mouisturizer, eye cream, SPF

Microdermabrasion is an autumn/winter treatment. Scars, pigmentation, open pores, fine wrinkles, blemishes, spots are minimised with this facial. Diamond tipped wand to abrade the surface of your skin to stimulate new skin production and correcting skin cells. After that advanced and highly structured products are used with cosmetic machines to achieve nourishment and full recovery of skin

Age Resist facial for ultimate Relaxation – 90 mins – £48

Skin analysing, cleansing, exfoliation, hydro dermabrasion, toner, advanced anti ageing serum used with cosmetic machine for maximum penetration,  needle free mesotherapy  for skin rejuvenation, anti ageing masque , deep moisturizing ultimate facial massage inc hands and arms, mouisturizer, eye cream, SPF

This facial is built up for complete skin rejuvenation and deep nourishing for aged, mature, skin damaged skin. Long, drainage massage serves toning of facial muscles. Indulge yourself with this facial for instant results.

Intensive prescriptive facial – 60 mins – £45

Skin analysing, cleansing, exfoliation, hydro dermabrasion, steamer , pore cleanse, targated serum, skin matching masque, drainage facial massage, moisturizer, eye cream, SPF

This facial targets certain skin types and problems, its customised for your needs for best results all the products and steps are matched to enhance your skin condition

GUA SHA Chinese facial rejuvenating massage – 50 mins – £50

Skin analysing, cleansing, exfoliation, hydro dermabrasion, GUA SHA massage, nourishing masque with ultrasound, eye cream, moisturizer lotion, SPF

Gua Sha: is an ancient Chinese healing technique. It is the scraping (GUA) of the skin with a special bone GUA SHA tool to promote Qi (vital life force or energy) and blood circulation and removal of toxins. Gua Sha tolls are either made from jade which is very cooling and useful removing heat from the body. As the skin is scraped it creates a build-up fluid leaving a vacuum behind which draws toxic fluid out to the surface of the skin from deep within the tissue. The toxic fluid ( SHA) floods to the surface and can be seen in small red, deep purple or green pools of blood. The toxic fluid that is drawn to the surface is eliminated and replaced by new oxygen nutrient rich fluid accelerating regeneration. Gua Sha is the second most important technique used in facial rejuvenation therapy. It is an excellent therapy for smoothing wrinkles and cooling the face.

Vitamin – C Facial – 60 mins – £45

Thanks to its high concentration of vitamin C, this mask reduces fine lines and makes the skin more supple. It also has a stimulating and toning effect. In addition to its moisturising qualities, this mask counteracts the effect of free radicals, thus combating premature ageing. In combination with the ampoules, it moisturises and vitalises the skin.

AHA Fruit acid skin peel – 45 mins – £40 – Course of 6 – £220

Acids are often used to treat pigmentation marks, scars , fine wrinkles, decrease size of pores, to treat oily congested skin to minimise oil production. Acids can penetrate through the pores of the skin into deeper layers of our skin to unbind the cells thus helping the dead skin cells to lift. Getting rid of dead skin will stimulate new skin cells to grow and come to the surface. The peel will leave your skin glowing, fresh and bright. There is no downtime with this type of peel, there is no redness or flaky skin. Worth to try as a one off before any big event or if you want a fresh skin.

Eyes treatments

Individual Eyelash Extensions

Light weight silk lashes glued to your natural lashes. Instant curl and volume to your lashes that lasts 3-4 weeks. Perfect for holiday, wedding, event, or anyone who is busy and want to get ready sooner in the mornings. No mascara is need and it’s waterproof.

1D classic new set – 90 mins – £45
1D mixed with 3/4D new set – 90 mins – £50
Infill 2 weeks – 45 mins – £20
Infill 3 weeks – 60 mins – £30
3D volume lashes new set – 90 mins – £50

Eyebrows and Eyelashes 

Brows and lashes tinting that lasts up to 2 weeks. Beautiful dark black for your lashes and brown shades for your eyebrows.You can opt for Henna brows which is a peroxide-free colour dying with Henna powder. 

Eyelash tinting – 20 mins – £9
Eyebrows tinting – 20 mins – £9
Eyebrows and Eyelash tinting – 30 mins – £17
Eyebrows wax and tinting – 30 mins – £18 
Eyebrows and eyelashes tinting + brow shaping – 40 mins – £25
Henna brows – 20 mins – £12
Henna brows + shaping – 30 mins – £17
Lash lift – 50 mins – £30
Lash lift and tint – 70 mins – £35

Waxing treatments

Italian Italwax is a brilliant creamy hotwax that I use for my waxings. Leaves the skin smooth with least irritation, removes the shortest hair and guarantee’s soft skin for weeks.

Ladie’s hot waxing          

Hollywood – 30 mins – £25
Brazilian – 30 mins – £25
G-string/ High Bikini – 15 mins – £20
G-string/ High Bikini + perianal – 20 mins – £25
Bikini line – 15 mins – £17
Underarm – 10 mins – £7

Ladie’s strip waxing         

Half arms – 10 mins – £10
3/4 arms – 15 mins – £12
Full arms – 15 mins – £14
Full stomach – 5 mins – £9
Upper or Lower back – 10 mins – £10
Full back strip wax – 20 mins – £18
Buttock cheeks – 10 mins – £7
Inner thigh – 10 mins – £10
Lowerlegs – 15 mins – £14
Upperlegs – 20 mins – £18
3/4 legs – 25 mins – £22
Full legs – 30 mins – £22
Extra area – 5 mins – £5

Ladie’s waxing packages           

Hollywood/Brazilian hot wax with underarm hot wax  – 30 mins – £28
Hollywood/Brazilian hot wax and Lower legs strip wax – 40 mins – £38
Hollywood/Brazilian hot wax , Lower legs strip wax and Underarm hot wax – 45 mins – £40
Hollywood/Brazilian hot wax and Upper legs strip wax  – 45 mins – £32
Hollywood/Brazilian hot wax, Upper legs strip wax and Underarm hot wax – 45 mins – £39
Hollywood/Brazilian hot wax and 3/4 Legs strip wax – 45 mins – £42
Hollywood/Brazilian hot wax, Lower legs strip wax and Half arm strip wax – 45 mins – £42
Hollywood/Brazilian hot wax and Full legs strip wax – 50 mins – £40
Hollywood/Brazilian hot wax, Full legs strip wax and Underarm hot wax – 60 mins – £43
Hollywood/Brazilian hot wax, Full legs strip wax, Full arm strip wax and Underarm hot wax – 75 mins – £68
Full body wax (Any bikini, underam hot wax and full legs, full arms, full back, stomach, buttock cheeks strip wax – 90 mins – £95

Facial waxing        

Chin hot wax – 5 mins – £5
Nostrils hot wax – 5 mins – £5
Upper lip hot wax  – 5 mins – £5
Sideburns hot wax  – 5 mins – £8
Full face hot wax excl. eyebrows – 30 mins – £25
Eyebrows waxing – 15 mins – £10

Relaxing treatments

Treat yourself with one of these relaxing treatments to unwind. The massage helps to relieve the tension in your muscles, I will focus on the painful areas.

Prescriptive back, neck and shoulder massage – 30 mins – £30
Prescriptive back, neck and shoulder massage with sea salt scrub at the end to remove dead skin cells and hydration – 35 mins – £35
Ear candling with scalp massage – 40 mins – £30
Scalp and neck massage – 30 mins – £30
Add sea salt scrub to your back massage – 10 mins – £7


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