Lips are the real symbols of feminity and sexism. Most women try to achieve optically bigger lips applying lip stick or lip gloss . Laic clients arrive for the consultation with the desire of bigger, plumped lips after the tattooing treatment. This wish can only be achieved
aesthetically if the client already posses’s bigger lips, so in this case we can create a precise contour on the border of the lip line and then we fill it in with the chosen colour inwards on the lip area. If your lips are naturally thinner you would still need to opt for lip fillers. With the tattooing we can optically help to create slightly thicker and more even lip contour giving natural colour to your lips so it will brighten up your complexion.

Pigmentation of the lips

Only healthy candidates are capable for this treatment. We can’t tattoo clients with active cold sore. Avoid caffeine beverages 6 hrs prior to the treatment to keep you blood pressure low. Before picture taken after we have cleansed the lip area. We put the chosen pigments on the lip area to analyse the shades and find the best match. The next step is to precisely design and draw on the lip contour which is checked several times in different mirrors, picture is taken to ensure that the design looks great and suits you. We start the tattooing with the outline then the shading of the colour. Straight after the treatment lips are swollen it also depends on the original size of the lips. The colour appear darker for the following 3-4 days. Around the 4 th day the scab sheds off and the colour will appear lighter and softer. Specially developed after care balm is handed to the client at the end of treatment which need to be applied for 14 days.

Healing process and the main reason behind touch-up visit

After you have received your lip tattooing the pigment will darken for the following 3-4days. It will appear quite intense. On the 4 th day the excess layer of the scab will come off as soon it this happens it will feel more comfortable and the colour will lighten quite a lot. It can still feel sensitive so we advise to avoid spice, hot foods and fizzy drinks. Clients notice feelings like dryness on the lips which remains for 14-21 days it eases gradually as the healing process carries on. After care balm is essential during this time and to avoid usage of lipsticks. 7-10 th days most of the colour will “disappear” and then darken back again. The final colour will be seen around 28-40th days. Upon your touch-up visit we reinforce the colour and its still possible to alter a bit with the shades. It takes less time to finish the process. The healing is the same just like it was after the initial visit.

Lip fillers or/and lips tattooing?

Tattooing doesn’t replaces fillers and visa versa . It’s absolutely find to have both or just one of them done to achieve bigger lips. For the best results only go ahead with a plastic surgeon doctor. Tattooing and fillers are both aesthetic treatments which never should be too harsh or fake on your face but rather modest , minimal and soft. I would recommend to get the tattooing done first and then the fillers cause the fillers could alter your lip’s natural border. The longevity of fillers differs but after a while it wears off (usually 3-6 months) the tattooing fades off gradually in roughly about 2-3 years.