“I created this article for everyone who is seeking more insight about how the steps of semi permanent make-up treatment is built up”

Mirella Bottyan

All procedures includes these 4 stages:


Treatment is explained from start to finish. You will get familiar with the steps and understand the results. Each client’s needs are different so it’s important to understand everyone – skin type, eyebrow hair, hair colour, skin tone is taken into consideration. I will ask about your make-up routine and lifestyle. Scratch test is essential to make sure that no allergies will develop.

Initial procedure

Approx. 2 hrs. I always allow plenty of time for pre steps such as colour swap, and pre-drawing to make sure that you will have the best shape. During the tattooing the area is numbed to ease the pain.


After the tattooing you will be told how to use the after care cream. Please make sure that you are aware of the after care regime and following it as it has big impact on healed results.

Top-up procedure

Followed your initial treatment you will need to receive a top-up treatment 4-6 weeks after. All final touches will be done by this time to make your tattooing long lasting.