The internet is full of pictures of new trends of brows, and new technique names it’s easy to get lost and confused about what’s what?! When deciding to have an eyebrow tattooing done we need to bear in mind that we should never choose a trend or the brow style of our most liked famous person from the magazine. We all have our unique face shape and facial expression. When creating brows an artist should consider all these.

I get many clients who bring a picture of a perfectly shaped (most likely it’s a brow that has make-up on or a youngish woman with full brows) thick, healthy brow and they say they want this. I have to upset everyone now who thinks that what they saw on Google is going to work for them and it will be easy to apply the same look for their brows. This is not how it works. We have to be realistic with ourselves and the artist should be honest and genuine about what is achievable for the client. Please don’t get upset if you can’t have the Kardashian eyebrow look, you have your own beautiful face and natural brow shape which the artist will follow and do the best adjustments to create great looking brows that is unique to your own face! The other thing that you have to consider is your skin type. To work on oily skin is always a lot harder as the pores are open, wider and they hold a lot more oil which makes the pigment to fade sooner. It is always easier to work on normal/dry skin as the pigment retention is a lot better. When it comes to picking the best technique we should consider the amount of hair that you have on your brows and your style, how do you like to wear your make-up on a daily basis. I normally recommend clients with less hair to go with soft powder technique as it will create a bit fuller look, no gaps between the hairs. Just as the name says POWDER we can achieve the same look as you would have by applying your brow powder on to fill up the gaps. Don’t worry it doesn’t mean blocked brows or harsh results. It means that we do more coloring movements to fill up the body of the brow shape. It has been one of the newest techniques out.

Micro hair stroke technique is for the most natural and minimal results. I would say that this suits well those who already have a quite good and full shape and they just want a small adjustment or just to add more strokes to their brows. Combination brows was designed for those who are kind of between the hair stroke and the soft powder. With combination technique we use strokes on the front of the brows it gives a light and soft front (naturally the brows have this effect on the bulb area) and toward the arch and tail we do more powdering it brings more volume and density. Whatever you choose to go with always consult with your artist, and the best thing about tattooing that with different techniques we can create personally customized brows.